Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thanks for your kind support and votes!

Ten lucky winners in the order drawn.

Prizes were awarded from first through tenth in the order drawn by my husband:
  1. H. Boggs, MO
  2. A. Bruening, MT
  3. D. Peterson, CA
  4. T. Frohn, CO
  5. K. Spenard, AK
  6. M. Baucus, NH
  7. R. Baker, VA
  8. E. Holmes, NY
  9. L. Isakowitz, AZ
  10. A. Schmalz, UT
These winners will be notified by the email left at time of entry. If you are a winner, please send your snail mail address to me by one week from today. Prizes to be mailed within one business day of receipt of your address. Unclaimed prizes will not be awarded.

Thank you again for your votes!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Drawing will be one minute past midnight!

on September 30!

Good Luck to all of you. The names will be gathered from Sweepsheet as well as the emails I received. Not everyone understood my poorly written directions for commenting on the blog. Too, some entered from Sweeping America and would not have received credit without me adding their names.

Talk to you on October 1!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thank you for your support!

On July 5 my heart almost stopped as I saw my dream vacation to the Antarctica being offered in a voting contest. I emailed everyone I could think of to ask for votes. I tried to explain to my friends that it was one vote per email, etc. Receiving more questions than I could respond to, I have created this blog to continue providing answers.

So you will continue reading this blog, I am creating a sweepstakes. Here are the rules:

1. Let me know you have been here by visiting:

2. Come back and tell me what your number was (if you voted) and your means of contact if you are a winner. A vote is not required to win.

3. Entries accepted through midnight on September 30, 2009. Ten winners to be drawn on October 1, 2009.

4. There will be a total of ten prizes added over the next few days. A beginning list is posted below. Prizes will be awarded in order of names drawn.
  • A new Game Boy Advance SP ARV $199.00
  • Victoria's Secret set of five Eau de Parfum spays with glittery gold cover atomizer
  • Terry Cloth Spa bag full of slippers, bath salts, bubble bath, and body lotion
  • Yellow Beauty Basket including new products of nail polish, make up, mascara, emory boards, body lotion, lip gloss, foundation, multi-pencil sharpener, make-up sponges, etc.
  • Chili's gift card $10
  • Chili's gift card $10
  • Chili's gift card $10
  • Chili's gift card $5
  • Chili's gift card $5
  • Chili's gift card $5
By Kathi Pinkston July 5th, 2009 | 6:58 am
All great adventures start with that which is unknown or unanticipated. That is my perception of Antartica. No one really lives there. Any of us who see this wilderness, regardless of the length of our stay, are mearly visitors. All that we document becomes a part of it's history, a part of it's mystique.

Certainly, we expect to see bears white as snow, birds wearing tuxedos, whales that we've seen painted on airplanes. But what we really want to experience is the vastness of white with peaks and valleys, the sight and sounds of roaring storms that defy our understanding, a profound quietness where the only sound is ice flowing, the mysterious beauty of the color blue that is often copied but never duplicated. We'll probably ask silly questions like "if you stand on the south pole, can you feel the earth spin?" Or "can you see the big dipper or is it blocked by the equator?" Or "do you feel like you're standing upside down?"

What would it be like to be a part of this experience as it unfolds? Vote for me and you will be!

Thank you,