Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thanks for your kind support and votes!

Ten lucky winners in the order drawn.

Prizes were awarded from first through tenth in the order drawn by my husband:
  1. H. Boggs, MO
  2. A. Bruening, MT
  3. D. Peterson, CA
  4. T. Frohn, CO
  5. K. Spenard, AK
  6. M. Baucus, NH
  7. R. Baker, VA
  8. E. Holmes, NY
  9. L. Isakowitz, AZ
  10. A. Schmalz, UT
These winners will be notified by the email left at time of entry. If you are a winner, please send your snail mail address to me by one week from today. Prizes to be mailed within one business day of receipt of your address. Unclaimed prizes will not be awarded.

Thank you again for your votes!

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